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May 16th, 2021
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Dear Customers,

The Zoraki MOD 914 is back in stock.

Selling Gun only, but don't let this mid frame gun fool you. It's been one of my old time best sellers and is very popular. This gun can go on to fully automatic.

Please read up on the Zoraki MOD 914 where the pic of the gun and specs are.

As most of you have found that I am a reliable retailer and that my standards are very high! Unbending

My prices are my prices because of the fact that I resell ammunition.

You can buy the most expensive blank gun in the world. Without ammunition you are buggered. As most of you also know that I do not sell ammunition to anyone regardless , that has not bought a gun from my compony.

This type of ammunition that gets used in blank/pepper guns are normal 9mm ammunition working with burning propellant .However this ammunition is legal because it doesn't contain an an actual projectile. It is specially designed for blank /pepper guns which is developed for self defence purposes only!

This ammunition is not freely available to buy over the counter. If you buy or have bought a gun from my compony and you are in need of  more amo then I can Coereer it to you no matter where you are living.

People have a tendency of buying weapons elsewhere for a cheaper price without considering where the ammunition  is coming  from. There is a policy amongst dealers not to sell ammunition after sales point.

*This is a known fact*

I look after you as my existing customer from point of sale, and my after sales service will accommodate you with ammunition into the future within reason.

I have a range of exciting new guns that has just come available and I yet to put pictures and prices on my website.

The new guns will run on a promotion for the first month only with rounds. The prices are very good.

Please text me or just look out when I post the guns with pic's tomorrow.

For all else concerning wanting to buy guns. I have an office space/shop where I operate from and please note

I DON'T DO DEALS OR DISCOUNT IN ANY WAY. I have to express this because certain people doesn't understand that I have a shop selling blank/pepper guns to the public like any other  business.

My business is registered which I , Talita(Samurai Jane) is the legal owner/ Director of. I am a business woman and I legally am entitled to sell this type of weapon. I am qualified and I know all about how a gun operates and the certain parts of a firearm.I give good advice as I know what I am talking about.

However I have employed an assistant in my shop.

We have witnessed certain individuals that came into my shop pretending to be buyers , actually harassing me, demanding 10% discount on my products which have a very low margin. I found this absolutely tactless and distasteful!!  Then I was threatened with consumer rights which I found childish and disrespectful towards me as a business owner.

I treat all my customers with respect because of my high standards.

When you come to buy a gun your name and credentials is put into a database.It reflects who the customer/customers are that have purchased guns from me.

Should you as existing customer require more amo, then please send me a watsup and please just ask for amo and please give me your full name. I then check on my database to see if you have purchased a gun.

I do everything by the book because of my standards.

Kind Regards


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