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Warranty’s regarding blank pepper guns

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Dear Customers,

Samurai Tactical operates like a normal business . As it is registered . All weapons were tested and marked OK on the box or case before it was dispatched to me on my request.

Samurai Tactical doesn’t  exchange or return any weapons! If  the gun/weapon has been altered in any way whatsoever, we can  not to be hold liable.

Samurai Tactical doesn’t take responsibility for irresponsible action with regards to any gun bought.

All weapons are tested and passed before it has been dispatched to me.  I have always encouraged every customer to test his/her weapons out as soon as possible.

Understandebly and depending on the make of the gun. There will be parts of the weapon that is stiff to operate with. As it is in normal fire arms as well. As these weapons are replica’s of real weapons, it will need a bit of tender care and handling and good to have it also checked by a gunsmith as it has been fired or before.

If you find a fault in your gun, it must be reported and returned within 7  working days @ your expense.

Although these guns are replica’s, they are not toys and to be handled with respect.


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