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The new Beredda

Mar 7th, 2021
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The Beredda Edition is a new edition brought into the country. I am the first to sell it. These are all different but very similar to the Beretta pistol as we know the military style semi automatic weapon. A great asset indeed, as crime increases you want something to make you feel save. Who knows that unexpected time might occur when you least expect it. You are as vournrable as the neighbours next to you. You don't want to wait until it happens and then get cold water and lots of damage to yourselves, property and the unavoidable happens. Make rather sure that your funeral policy is up to date?

This is a very smart looking hand gun and surely is your best friend in any situation that you feel a threat coming. Whether it is that you hear a noise outside or that you look up, and all of a sudden someone that you don't know stands in your hallway in your house in the middle of the night. What is your chances? To at least have something that you know you can use legally without having to go sit in prison afterwards.

If you haven't heard: South Africa is a war zone, you fend for your own life and those of your family. Is your family precious enough for you? Well I don't know about you but but my life is precious enough for me.

Yes this is my website and yes I sell this and no this is not sales talk. I didn't think it was when I bought my gun else where the first time around. I merely got into this after my life was threatened more than once even after I bought my weapon.

I don't just sell this because I love making money. I care and I was offered the opportunity to do this. Let me tell you that this takes great responsibility from me from a sales point. This is very hard work and the initial cost is enormous. As someone responsible I don't just sell you a weapon and say cheers. I have good service and I have to live up to my own standard of perfection. I don't let you go at sales point as many resellers do. I have an after sales service. But here is a few of my own points.

1)I do not sell any ammunition to anyone who has not bought a gun from me

2)When you buy a gun from me, I put your name in my database.

3)Because you bought a gun from me, you can come back and buy more ammunition when your's are finished. T's & C's apply. Meaning that I don't sell more than fifty @a time.

4)I am restricted to the amount of pepper rounds I sell per customer per gun(normally 5 rounds) As this is your last line of  defence !!

I have an office space based in Jefreys bay. NR 18 Oosterland street next to Potters. I am very grateful as this is a good start and small but big beginnings for me. Please come see me there Weekdays between 9am and 4:30 pm

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