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The importance of where to buy your blank gun

Feb 19th, 2021
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Very important notice: to all who love themselves, there family members and who wants to live in South Africa as the war zone continues. Maybe it's time to get your head out of the sand!!

It's terrible to read, hear and see and maybe you have been in the situation of murder,crime, rape and we all know and have heard or see pictures of violence etc.

Crime is not decreasing, if you haven't heard....

This is not the real topic. It all is true. Here comes the question? How, when and where do I buy my Non-Lethal handgun?(Please ask and read your T's and C's before purchasing the gun.)Can I come back and buy more amo when mine is finished?  If you cannot buy anymore ammunition when your's are finished. What is the point, let me make you think!!!Maybe this is you.

You can most probably buy it from anywhere if the price seems right. Here is the sixty five million dollar question????

I buy my gun and a weee bit of ammo, I am not very clued up. So here I go happy along. I got myself a non-lethal weapon and it can last me a life time.

Now my ammunition are finished, back where I bought my non-lethal gun: 'Sorry sir, we told you that we do not resell amo as a result of that you were not supposed to shoot it out'A very darft answer. Makes you think?

What now? Well nobody and there is no shop that will sell you any more amo,

Well its all about the ammunition

There are people that will do anything just to get rid of their stock! and this is a fact!! They don't care about your well being.

Samurai Tactical is different (I Talita am different)

That's me and this site, my name and who I represent.

Notice:Unfortunately I do not sell loose amo to anyone who wants amo! If you did not buy your gun from me, i can not help you.

What is the catch?

You have to buy a gun from Samurai Tactical. Once you have bought a gun your name and details is put in my data base. You can buy ammunition(which is legal, go read my posts)T's and C's apply. There is a limit @ how many @ a time Because you bought a gun from me. You can come back when your ammunition(blanks) is finished and buy more ammunition.(blanks)You will always have amo available.

There is however a limit of pepper rounds @ a time.

I try and do my best for all my customers. My prices are very fair indeed.

I sell locally but I also ship nation wide. If you bought a gun from me, no matter where you are ,and your ammunition is finished, just give me a call or a watsup and I will sell you amo and I will Coereer to you.

Please also note: I do not buy second hand guns or and I do not buy ammunition from anyone.

My stock comes from my sources and I legally by new stock from them.

I have currently got about 20 different guns in stock. They are excellent quality. I do not believe in ripping people off to make a quick buck or two. I sell my stock @ very good prices. If you require something different that I don't have. I will make the best of my efforts to try and accommodate you as available customer because your life and those of your loved ones matter to me.

I have done all my fire arm competencies and I am busy doing my dealer's license.

I hope after my previous post that you do understand that buying a selfdefence gun and amo is not a crime.

Please do not let some 'Mr I Know it all' talk fear into you. This is legit !

I am nice girl and I love to love people, but im not stupid and I am not a walkover either.

Please also note that I will not be held responsible for any injury due to negligence in handling the weapons wrongfully.

Although this is merely for self defence, I will encourage you to test your firearm after purchase in a place where it is safe to do so.

Remember pointing a firearm @ anyone which is not your opponent  in a self defence situation is an offence. Even if it is only a pellet gun.

I have added more guns and please remember that the Valentyn's specials are only for this month.

If you order a gun, no matter where you live I will make all the effort to get your gun and amo Coereer to you,  as soon as after you have done payment.

I have holsters available now and I have ordered more. I will put them on the website as soon as possible. I am still adding more guns. If you don't get all the new guns that I post on an email. Please check in regularly to see what guns is added and what is on a special. Please look out for new holsters and don't miss the specials I run from time to time with extra blanks or just gun and holster!

The best specials are now in this month !

No chancers please!

Thank you for reading and understanding !

(I am raising funds for my new wheelchair badly needed! Support me, and buy a gun!)

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