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Mar 24th, 2021
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This is just a friendly briefing of how specials and selling of products work.

For various themes in the year and depending on the tipe of gun etc.

If I have combo's and specials. It doesn't mean that that is the prices that always on. I don't decide on my specials. I can only offer specials what has been put to my availability to my availability.

I had run some of my Valentines month specials still 2 weeks into March because there were stock left.

If it gets advertised in a book or news or Facebook , I will always say and it will read eg. Valentyn's month specials. After that period of time that the specials were put on my site or in an advertising book or internet, the deals will EXPIRE!

I still have a couple of  Glock 19 left that is still on a special, although not noted on the site because it is not valid anymore. The 2 that is left will still be on a special price until sold out.

At the moment I have the Bardetta replica's series on special. It will run for a while. They price between R2450 and R2565. They are black and then have slight different colour and different metal slide. I found that people have all different taste.

Bardetta is also a new series and I still have to put 2 guns on the site. Some have sold quicker , depending on a customer's taste.The PPq Replica is on special offer with 10 blanks included, regarding the model. Prices is noted when you want to view the gun on the website, which you must just click on view.

The Blow Mini's are not on special anymore. If I have guns on special, I will mark and clearly say what is included with the special.

If guns go off of the specials I will remove the complete kit what it showed.

I have the Sig Saour which is most probably 'the Elite" on special now for a while for R3600  including a holster and ten rounds.  only the Kuzey make. My prices overall is remarkable fair and I also Coereer nation wide.

The blanks rounds is R25 per cartridge, like I said before :If you buy a gun from me , you can come back to purchase amo when your's run out.

Pepper rounds are the most expensive but you must remember it's for that real life/death situation that they will come in as your life saver.

I can only sell a limited of 5 pepper rounds, depending on how many guns you bought per customer I think even if you are tight with money just buy two or three rounds , and later a view more.

I look after you as my customers. When you bought the gun and my after sales point regarding ammunition. I know my service is good but also take into consideration that I have to do everything myself. It's heavy on me from time to time but I like it.

Samurai Tactical is registered and legally operates as :'Samurai Tactical Defence Pty LTD'

If you have bought a gun please will you just make a comment  on my website ann FB. I will really appreciate it. I really want to have success and I work hard for it. You guys , im really asking you all to help me. Just a comment or a writing of how you found my service, nature and my knowledge to help you .

I was in another office, but that place was not wheelchair friendly and secure for me. I have moved to a new office in Memosa street nr 1, Just of Noorsekloof. I want to order pepper round tomorrow. It will be basically for all who has paid for their pepper.

Thank you to everyone who has paid upfront for your pepper. I should have the stock latest next week. I am just waiting for a few more guys to pay. Thank you for putting your trust in me, and it's with great pleasure do I want to thank you. It is awesome to work with customers of your calibre. , and once again I will greatly appreciate you to come back anytime for anything, whatsoever.

I really want to urge you, please if you want pepper then please pay the money in as soon as possible.

I have to do one big order. The pepper Coereer is more expensive than normal Coereer and I have to put in a big  order. Please guys, help me to have it delivered securely to you. If you have not bought a gun yet, please come see me by my office. Then you can have  a look at my range.

I will order the holsters next week, after I received the pepper.

Kind regards

Samurai Jane


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