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removing/adding guns , specials, notifications,

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Hi all,

I have removed guns that are sold out . I will also add new arrivals .

I have a few new exiting models that has become available. Just an update on the  pepper rounds . It will not be that long before it arrives. Please keep on checking the mail I send as I will notify you all as soon as the pepper rounds arrive.

I just want to notify everyone that the Zoraki 914 is truly an awesome gun as I will put some better pics of the gun on the site. I will post a few videos in the description link. You can click on and it will take you to the tube channel to have a better view. I don’t have many Zoraki Valentine combo’s left. The Zoraki 914 combo does consist of the gun, holster and ten blank rounds which is truly a great deal.

Please get your orders in!

The Kuzey  Glock 19 replica  Combo does also consist of a great deal as you receive a holster and ten blanks as a gift with the gun. Also the special is marked down.

The combo’s Valentines gifts comes to about R600. Please get your orders in to avoid loosing out. I can however Coereer the pepper rounds to you when it finally arrives.

I have a few newer  models becoming available. I have the Mini Browning

Fume colour available and the P114.

I also have suede inside holsters for the Blow Mini coming in as requested.

Please keep safe!

Kind Regards



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