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Mar 16th, 2021
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Hi Guy's good news (my shop is now situated in Mimosa drive nr1 , just of Noorsekloof drive. A very secure and friendly quiet environment. I am officially moving all my stuff over there tomorrow morning and I am open for business.) Very secure parking and a really friendly wheelchair surroundings(Samurai Tactical has become licensed in trading now as an official shop.)

pepper rounds is available. I have received the confirmation from shipment that it is available.

As most of you know that I do not sell any blank nor pepper rounds to you if you had not previously bought a gun. If you are planning to buy a gun then of course you can enjoy the benefits of purchasing blank ammunition and when you need more amo then you can buy more amo.

Now although pepper rounds are available ,it is a very scares commodity as the government control and allow the amount that can be available in the country.

You must remember that pepper rounds is your last option to fight of the enemy. You can shoot the enemy as far as ten metres away with pepper leaving him incapacitated for hours.(read my article about the effects of pepper)

It is a huge responsibility on my shoulders getting the pepper rounds securely delivered to me as the transport cost is much higher than the normal Coereer fee. I am yet not large and for me to buy it and get it here is at huge expense . I can't just Coereer 20-30 rounds, I have to @least bring in 200 rounds @a time.

However to my own cost is limited and I know that most of you are keen to get it. I am only allowed to sell each customer with a gun bought by me 5 rounds. You guys that have bought from me knows my service is good. If you bought more than one weapon, like for yourself and more like 2-3 weapons for your family you are entitled to buy 5 rounds per gun.

I am asking you please to secure your peppers by me before I can have it Coereer to me. I ask you to pay for your pepper rounds upfront and to secure it. I will give you a receipt as soon as payment is done in which I ask you to bring your receipt with on collection. The sooner payment is made the sooner you will receive your rounds.

The pepper rounds is costly as it's price is R120 per round. You don't have to buy five you can buy two or three and you can add on later again. Just remember if you don't secure your peppers upfront the chances are that you might not receive any. I have to outlay R30 000 for the backlog of customers desperately wanting it.

If you are subscribed and you have not purchased a weapon because you are awaiting peppers. Then please call me as I have received more fabulous guns that are on special. Please come and view the guns and as you make your choice , then please secure your pepper rounds.

If you snooze you loose. Please hurry to get yours as they are scares and when sold out you might have to wait another 4 months before it will become available.

This is a huge worry on my shoulders as I want to accommodate all of you but I can't help you if you don't help me make it available for you.

I really want to have you all happy completing your self defence kit, but you have to secure it before the time.

I am legally registered to handle the large capacity but the outlay to get the amount I cannot meet by myself. The sooner you all make payment the sooner you will all have your gun ready to zap that sucker trying to harm you.

Please advice and or contact me or watsup me in regards of the pepper rounds.(for those who have bought guns , your names are all on my database. if your name is not there, then you must come see me ASAP to buy a gun to get blanks and pepper rounds. I will not accept your payment if you have not bought a gun and or come to buy a gun. The rounds is for my customers and for customers to be)

Kind regards


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