Situated in Jeffreys Bay, but we ship throughout South Africa!


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Hi All

I have pepper rounds in stock. !!!!

If you bought a gun and have not bought pepper rounds yet, please come around my office@Memosa street nbr 1

If you paid for your pepper rounds in advance please come and collect from me.

If you paid for your pepper in advance I will Coereer on Tuesday the 6’th of April, you will receive in max 3 working days.

Pepper rounds however  limited per customer.

I have an after sales point policy to provide you with amo again after you bought a gun. When you buy a gun, your name and all your details is put into a database. You stay a customer and I look after my own Customers.

Please note that no ammunition will be sold if you have not previously bought a gun.

When you buy a gun, my after sales service is extended for you to be able to purchase more blank ammunition.

You may after a while be able to come back and buy more pepper rounds, if you have bought a gun !

Buy your NON -LETHAL/LEGAL gun today and get your pepper rounds while I still have stock!

Please enquire on the gun you like and new specials. Become a customer today and enjoy the benefits and luxuries that Samurai Tactical offers.


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