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It’s not parabelem and it’s not baretta

I might not stock your specific brand, but I do have non-lethal firearms and blanks and pepper rounds.
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My analytics revealed that someone searched for the term, 9mm parabelem or baretta, which returned no results for the search, probably leaving the person who made the search disappointed that I don’t stock what they must think are bullets.

The reason it didn’t return a result is because both those ways the searcher spelled the words are wrong.

The proper spelling of parabelem is Parabellum. The 9mm Parabellum is a cartridge that was initially designed for the Luger pistol.

The name Parabellum comes from the latin phrase, Si vis pacem, para bellum, which translates to, if you want peace, prepare for war. (This motto is probably more applicable to South Africa now than it has been for a long time.)

The proper spelling of baretta is Beretta, unless you’re referring to the 1970s American television series.

Beretta is an Italian firearms manufacturer; probably one of the most famous in the world.

The reason I wrote this post is to mention that I stock 9mm blanks and pepper rounds, even though someone using my website’s search bar might not be presented with a result.

So please visit my online store and get a quote for your non-lethal firearm needs.

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