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Retay 84 FS



R 2995

Based on the Beretta Cheetah, lighter weight blank gun with gentle trigger weight.

Low profile sights, squared top blade and notch.
Ported hammer w/ horizontal thumb grooves for easier cocking / decocking.
Frontal 2/3 of slide’s half circle top is open, barrel is visible through it.
Takedown lever sits on right side, interacts w/ notch actuated by trigger. In order to hinge the takedown lever back up, this notch must be depressed.
Threaded inside barrel end for accepting supplied flare attachment, inner polygonal barrel.
5mm Blowback spring rod under barrel.
Slide catch sits on left face of gun, angled tri-grooved tab that can be depressed only when the slide is pulled back, can be punched out.
When empty magazine is inserted, and slide is racked, the slide will stay in place and cannot be reset until the magazine is removed. Same applies to an emptied magazine.
The trigger appears weighty, but when racked, it fires with a more comfortable single action draw weight
Has plastic grip panels w/ diamond checkering, has Beretta-esque logo (three upward directed bullets instead of arrows) screwed on w/ phillips screws, sits flush w/ grip
Has thumb safety at rear, comfortable beaver tail to prevent hammer bite into webbing between index and thumb.
Handle is double stack width but magazine is single stack, stiff magazine follower spring. Magazine cannot be removed or inserted without depressing the magazine release button.
Overall compact gun, ideally suited for women.

Caliber: 9mm P.A.K
Lenght: 175 mm
Height: 130 mm
Weight: 766 g
Magazine Capacity: 9+1
Trigger Mechanism: Single action
Safety: Manuel Safety


Six months warranty on your gun.

If you've made any alterations to the weapon, especially the barrel of the gun, your warranty will lapse.

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