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Kuzey-GN19 Glock replica



R 2950

The Kuzey-GN19 is an officially licenced Glock product.

It replicates the Glock 19 generation 3 accurately, with all the authentic markings.

The Kuzey-GN19 comes with fixed sights front dot and squared U rear.

It has a mock ejection port, as well as a recessed polygonal barrel.

This faux pistol looks and feels like the real thing.

I guarantee you, if an attacker sees you pulling out the Kuzey-GN19, he’ll think twice before advancing on you.

Remember: when you buy a Kuzey-GN19 from Samurai Tactical, you can replenish your blanks and pepper rounds.

Caliber - 9 mm P.A.K
Magazine Capacity - 14+1
Safety - Firing pin safety
Length - 175 mm
Height - 130 mm
Weight - 790 g
Trigger - Double action
Mechanism system - Semi-automatic


Six months warranty on your gun.

If you've made any alterations to the weapon, especially the barrel of the gun, your warranty will lapse.


Included with your purchase:

1 x Kuzey-GN19 Glock replica


Excluded from your purchase:

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