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Baredda Z88 black and satin


This is a very good gun. Easy to use and easy to load. The slide is a Black /Satin and metal. The rest of the body is polymer. The trigger effect gives you a soft elegant squueze. To clip the slide out one has to press the slide clip under the trigger guard.

The overall finish is neat and balances well in ones hands.

This gun is a must have as all the attributes like that of the real as it is a replica. Neat finish . The magazine loads fairly easy and the weight of the rest of the gun is fairly light and easy to handle and to operate . This self defence pistol is one of the family of five and in an outstanding class of it’s own as the cost of the gun has a very Wellcome price and as it comes with ten blank rounds. Blank rounds cost R25 per round. Minust that of the price off the gun and see how cost effective this self defence pistol are.

Capacity :14+1
Length :180 mm
Height :130 mm
Width :36 mm
Barrel Length :100 mm
Weight (not loaded) 675 gram
Calibre 9mm P.A.K
Loaded clip Weight 180gr


Six months warranty on your gun.

If you've made any alterations to the weapon, especially the barrel of the gun, your warranty will lapse.


Included with your purchase:

1 x Baredda Z88 pistol
Hard carry case
10 blank rounds


Excluded from your purchase:

Secure purchases
Nationwide delivery
Best advice and service
No ammo will be sold without the purchase of a gun first.
Samurai Tactical cannot be held responsible for any injuries brought about due to negligence in handling these weapons.

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