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If you live in South Africa, your life is probably in danger

Every year more than 20,000 people are murdered in South Africa. That’s a staggering number of unnatural deaths.

But perhaps the number doesn’t unnerve you. If that’s the case, you should know that the only reason the number is not higher by almost 20,000, is that 18,000 + murder attempts are unsuccessful.

Doesn’t put your mind at ease, right?

South Africa is a warzone

South Africa is a warzone.

You can try to deny it but the fact is: you’re a soldier.

The question is: what type of soldier are you?

You can be an ignorant soldier; you can be a useless soldier; you can be a lazy soldier.

Many South Africans are lazy

Unfortunately most people today are lazy soldiers.

They think by ignoring the dire situation in our country it’ll all go away.

They won’t do what they should to defend themselves or their loved ones.

They prefer to laze in ignorance in front of their TV sets and lap up whatever Netflix, Facebook, Tik-Tok or other distractions throw at them.

They want to push the snooze button on life-threatening situations, draw the duvet over their head and continue sleeping.

And when the threat does strike, it’s far too late to wake up.

You cannot be one of them

If you’re at all serious about doing your duty towards your loved ones, you cannot afford to be lax about safety.

You must be proactive about your security.

You must square your shoulders, do your prep work and look the enemy in the eye.

Too many people are paying an awful price in South Africa.

Those people leave behind heartbroken wives or husbands, children or parents.

If you don’t want to become yet another statistic and leave behind people who drown in sorrow, anger and confusion, arm yourself with a non-lethal weapon that’ll give you the edge over the evil powers intent on sowing destruction in your and your loved ones’ lives.

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So what’ll it be?

Will you dive deeper under your duvet and wait until the war comes to an end? (Hint: that won’t be soon, if at all.)

Or will you arm yourself to ensure you’re not the next victim of a senseless murder?

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